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All you need is love video

We are a creative video production company, which means that we have all your video & photo needs covered in a unique way. Working with us means you'll get it all, from the idea to the finished product. As videographers, we are always on the move, so we can travel anywhere. We are located in Belgrade, Serbia. Our mission is to create high-quality video content for everyone with love.

You call it video, we call it love

Our first date with video was 10 years ago and from that day, we had a chance to film almost everything. We can offer you a wide range of videos for different purposes.

Videos for your brand

We love your brand

A branding video introduces your brand to target audience viewers and convinces them that your business is worth their time. It tells your brand story, showcases your core values, and builds trust with your target audience.

We love events

A professional video of your conference or speaking event can provide a thorough picture of the topics you want to share with those who were unable to attend.It can also be used to promote your company message to potential future guests, clients, and new audiences. Event video production may even include exclusive interviews with guests and speakers, event photography, video editing for multiple uses, and so on.

Event videos

Videos showcasing your company culture

Employer brand videos

Employer brand videos are a great way to engage prospecting applicants and communicate your company’s story, brand, culture, and mission in a way that words and still images simply can’t. It’s a brief, promotional video that helps connect your company to your prospective candidates and attract the best talent.

Let's broadcast the podcast

If you always wanted to start your podcast - here's the chance. We will organize everything for you in our studio.

Podcast videos


Our frames are our heartbeats

The ability to think outside of the box is what makes us different. Our creative team knows how to create videos that wow you and your customers.

Let's make love photos

Check out our photography showreel


Corporate photos, Studio photography, Product photos, Drone photos, Real estate photos, Event photos


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